History of MiGiGi company

Created in 1958 by the Mazzaferro family and renamed MiGiGi in 2021


Poverty stricken from war-torn Italy, Michele Mazzaferro immigrates to Montreal Canada with $100 in his pocket and starts his first entrepreneurship selling wine presses to the local community.


Francesco Mazzaferro and Family offer to buy a local Italian eatery on St. Catherine Street.  They start operating one of the first NY style pizzerias in Canada and serve the first espresso coffee in a restaurant setting, King of the Pizza is born.  They successfully expand into three quick serve pizzerias in Montreal and serve Montrealers with 25 delivery cars.


The Mazzaferro's branch out from The King of Pizza to industrial pizza manufacturers, and quickly become one of Canada's largest producers of fresh and frozen pizza.


Ristorante DaVinci is run and operated by Salvatore and Aldo Mazzaferro and family and becomes one of the top 25, white tablecloth, Italian eateries in the country.


The Mazzaferro Family acquires Hillside Canning, and begins manufacturing local Pizza Sauce and Crushed Tomato products in the Tomato Belt of Canada, Leamington, Ontario.


The Mazzaferro Family expands industrial manufacturing with $8M dollar expansion.


Michael Mazzaferro buys and controls $18M business in Montreal and Leamington, Ontario.


Industrial business grows and flourishes into Largest Pizza Manufacturer in Canada.


Mazzaferro acquires BIF Foods in Beijing China and starts serving the local Chinese capital with Italian Pizza Fare. Serves the 2008 Olympics and wins award with best hygiene and manufacturing practices for the Olympic Committee.


Acquire T and N Foods from the world's largest pizza producer, Schwans USA


$5 million is invested to start packaging with Nestle Canada under the Delissio brand and starts producing more than 70 million pizzas a year


With an organic and healthier approach, the Mazzaferro's evolve and rebrand as MiGiGi foods. An 18,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is created and production starts 2021.


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Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada H4T 1H4

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